Personal Brand

Who am I as a designer and human being? How can I be a professional ready to enter the real world while still staying fun and lighthearted? This brand highlights my desire to protect the world we live in, while also showcasing my interest in handmade work. Bonus points if you can figure out what my favorite vegetable is.

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business cards

The physical products are a handmade portfolio box and business card holder. The portfolio box features a tray for 11'x14' prints and a pocket for resume and business card. I find making things by hand to be very rewarding, and an excellent break from my computer screen.

portfolio assets business card box portfolio box portfolio box

Still here? Great. Accompanying my physical portfolio is a set of small handmade notebooks. And now I have 40 of them, thanks to several hours of sewing and a canceled portfolio show.

Want one?

portfolio box portfolio box portfolio box